My name is Diane Drogowski. My passion is photography!! My interest in photography began in high school. I had other interests as well, one being a love of the outdoors and the other a strong interest in law enforcement. Well, photography took a back seat as I combined these two interests and accepted a job as a Conservation Officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. No regrets, I absolutely loved my job!! Oh the stories I could share!

I never gave up my interest in photography though. I always had a camera with me on patrol, using it not only for evidence photos, but also to take photos of wildlife when opportunities arose. A couple years before I could retire I started telling (or should I say, warning) my husband  "Hang on because when I retire, I am going to buy a very nice digital SLR camera and pursue my passion of photography." I have since retired and that is exactly what I have done!!

I specialize in Senior Portraits, Team Sports, Action Sports, Theatre, Dance, Special Events and Wildlife Photography! You can hire me to shoot your  sporting event and get all the photos on a DVD. I also offer custom banners for sport teams or special events. For more information, call or e-mail me today for one of my Sports Flyers or book your game!!  Thank you for visiting my website!